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Well done and Funny!

This move is very funny. It has some great character animation, especially the faces are great in some scenes. The voice acting is superb and there are some hilarious gags ("problem solved"). I like it!

Very Cool!

It might have no real "story" but the animation quality is superb. You can really see that someone put a lot of effort into this one. I love it.

Well executed but immature and boring

It is some nice claymation. An old technique and it is very exciting seeing how poeple are still experiment with it. Some funny effects too like the sword scene at the beginning.

However, the "plot" is very boring and immature. I think if you put so much effort into doing something, you should take your time to think it trough and come up with something meaningful to show.

But it is a nice start, and I'm looking forward to future films.

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POOM is an incredible achievement! Glad to see it here.

Style over substance

First off, the graphics look REALLY polished. You can see that somebody put some effort into it. I like them.

But there are two thing wrong with them:
1. They are a bit random. There seems to be no reason why the Robot looks like that and he doesn't have anything which would make him worth remembering. If you put so much effort into graphics, it is imprtant to work on the character of the graphics as well so they will have an appeal.

2. They slow my computer down (2Ghz Single Core) which is really bad. Bad graphics which run smooth are more fun that great graphics which stutter.

As for the game, itself it's the same: if you put so much effort into something, make sure it stands out from the crowd. Otherwise you are just wasting time.

Still I can see that somebody talented is at work here. Keep it up!

Polished but plain and boring

It is a very simple game where you have to avoid different objects with your mouse. The game concept is very simple and very old. This particular remake doesn't really seem feature any improvements. The graphics are very crude and arbitrary, the music is something I'd rather turn off immediately. Although the game seems to have some polish (after the 3rd revision nothing you wouldn't expect) it isn't something I would spend too long playing. It needs some new game ideas and a consistent theme.

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